B.A. in Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides an opportunity for students to engage in a wide range of musical and academic studies. Students may emphasize areas of special interest, such as performance, composition, computer music, theory, and history.

I.     Required courses in the major – at least 36 hours of MUSC, including 10-16 hours at the 100-200 level and 20-26 hours at the 300-400 level. MUSC 392 or 499 must be included as part of the 300-400 level hours.

II.     Required courses outside the major – None.

III.     Other departmental requirements – Major competency is demonstrated through either 1) the successful performance of a recital and accompanying lecture, supervised through the completion of MUSC 392, or 2) by the successful presentation of a supervised research project in MUSC 499.

Students wishing admittance to the B.F.A. or B.S. degree program in music must pass an instrumental or vocal audition. Audition guidelines are available from the Music Department or at http://www.unca.edu/music. An audition is not required for admission to the B.A. degree

Minor in Music

At least 20 hours in MUSC, to include 12 hours at the 300-400 level.