Charles (Jude) Weinberg

026 Lipinsky Hall, CPO 2290
Office hours: Monday 2:00-3:00, Tuesday 5:00-6:00, Wednesday 11:00-12:00, Thursday 3:15-4:15


  • B.S.E., Duke University

Charles Jude Thornton Weinberg has been a teacher and practitioner of audio engineering, music, mathematics, and electronics for over 25 years, working as an electrical engineer, sound engineer, musician, home-school teacher, and university faculty member. While studying electrical engineering at Duke University, Charles played bass with the Latin-African inspired instrumental band Spear-it. He was DJ for a weekly radio show at WXDU in Durham and managed the Duke Coffeehouse, where he started a weekly jazz night and long tradition of hosting local and touring indie music bands at the venue. After graduation, he moved to California and worked as a live sound engineer for sound company Randall Schiller Productions in San Francisco. Charles worked with Friends of the Earth on Paul McCartney's 1989 European Tour to raise awareness of climate change and the destruction of the world's rainforests, and he wrote about the McCartney tour for The Beatles Book Monthly on the cusp of the dissolution of the Berlin Wall. Following the tour, Charles took classes at Morley College in London and formed a musical busking and songwriting duo in London with English actor Paul Bettany. He returned to the US to design electronics hardware and software for B-E Electronics Co., but his experience with Friends of the Earth eventually led him back west where he joined a campaign to protect and preserve the ancient Headwaters Redwood Forests of Northern California. Following a spell writing songs and engineering at a recording studio near Taos, New Mexico, he returned to his native home of Asheville to teach home school and tutor mathematics. In 2005, Charles joined the UNCA Music department where he teaches audio engineering and recording while teaching electronics in UNCA’s Physics department. Charles Jude is currently associate director of UNCA's Music Technology program, chief engineer of UNCA's recording studios, and an active member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Courses Taught

  • PHYSICS 310 Electronics
  • MUSC386 Audio Engineering Technology II
  • MUSC387 Recording Studio Practicum II
  • MUSC486 Audio Engineering Tech IV
  • MUSC487 Recording Studio Practicum IV
  • MUSC488 Directed Studio Projects
  • MUSC372 Sp Top in MUSC
  • MUSC484 Audio Engineering Tech III
  • MUSC485 Recording Studio Practicum III
  • MUSC384 Audio Engineering Technology I