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Tuesday, April 6 at 12:00 pm you will enjoy
The Bluegrass Ensemble, Toby King, director
The XTET, 
Justin Ray, director
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Live at Lunch

Thursday, October 1 at 12:00 pm

with the X-TET
Justin Ray, director


October 2, 2020

Thomas and Friends
Tomas Woodall Posada, violin

You may view this concert on our Youtube page at this link:
Tomas and Friends



October 8, 2020, at 12:00 pm
Horace Silver Ensemble
Zack Page, director
This group pays tribute to the great Horace Silver, known for his catchy tunes that combined elements of hard bop, funk, and Latin music. Silver was one of the most influential American jazz composers who enjoyed a long career and penned many tunes that became jazz standards.
Live or Livestream


Live at Lunch

Thursday, October 15 at 12:00
UNCA Afromusics Ensemble
Adama Dembele and Toby King, directors

Live or Livestream

October 21, 2020
This concert will be available at 7:15 PM

UNCA Wind Ensemble
Fletcher Peacock, director

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UNCA Wind Ensemble Concert

Romanian Folk Dances
Bela Bartok
arr. Takuya Shigeta

I- Stick Dance
II – Sash Dance
III – In One Spot
IV – Dance from Bucsum
V – Romanian Polka
VI – Fast Dance

Vocalise Op34 #14
Serge Rachmaninoff
arr. Takuya Shigeta

Cassie Newell – Flute
Ruby Springston – Flute
Laura Deaver – Clarine
Juliana Accles – Clarinet
Nick Davenport – Bass Clarinet
Elina Misiyuk – Bass Clarinet
Aidan Hays – Tenor Saxophone


Live at Lunch

Thursday, October 22 at 12:00
Live on the UNCA Quad – Lipinsky Hall
Bluegrass Ensemble, Toby King director
Songwriters Ensemble, Carolina Perez, director


Watch the live stream concert at:

Watch the live stream concert at:

Watch the live stream concert at:

XTET Live Stream

Thursday, November 12
Justin Ray, director

XTETE will feature a set of modern, original jazz.

Justin Ray, trumpet
Miguel Schwiderke, guitar
Clayton Gibb, bass
Chris Simmons, drums


UNCA String Quartet Concert Release – THE CLASSICS
Thursday, November 12 – 7:15 pm

Ben Smith, director
Works by Franz Joseph Haydn, George Friedrich Handel, Cesar Frank, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Noah Bijessie & Jennifer Walls, violins
Alaina Sopa, cello
Ben Smith, viola/director


UNCA Percussion Ensemble Concert Release
Matthew Richmond, director
Thursday, November 19 – 7:15 pm
YouTube at UNCA Music

Robert Creech
William Hall
Neil Lackey
Alex McAllister
Austin McNeill
Zack Nelli

Moving Pictures in Frames (2018)            James Romig
Toccata (1954)                                                Carlos Chávez
Get that Ducking Spider Off Me! (2020) Zack Nelli

UNCA Wind Ensemble Concert Release
Fletcher Peacock, director
Saturday, November 21 – 7:15
YouTube at UNCA Music

In these uncertain times, the UNCA Wind Ensemble has faced many challenges this semester to perform music in person. Instead of a full wind ensemble, we split the group into a woodwind septet and a brass quintet. Each group meets once a week and has been incredibly flexible and positive throughout the experience. We have had to adapt our arrangement and safety measures several times to find a balance of safety and performance effectiveness. In our initial attempts, we used plexiglass shields and 12 feet of space between performers. This worked to an extent, but we had challenges with timing and balance between performers. Our next attempt was to rehearse outdoors, but we had difficulty finding a space that would allow for adequate spacing, distance from the campus community, and protection from the elements. What you see here is our most recent iteration. It allows for the students to perform without plexiglass shields or sound reinforcement in an isolated space to protect the campus community. Our final concert of the semester includes some brass quintet standards and an arrangement by one of the woodwind ensemble members. We hope you enjoy!

Studio 18 Concert Release
Brent LaCase, director
Monday, November 23 – 7:15
YouTube at UNCA Music

Grace Christian
Jess Fox
Frances Mehlenbacher
Kass Blount
Cole Covington
Chris Poole

Bass    Clayton Gibb
Drums  Mattie Garau
Piano   C. Brent LaCasce
Guitar  Cole Covington

Funk Fusion Ensemble Concert Release
Mike Barnes, director
Tuesday, November 24 – 7:15
YouTube at UNCA Music

The Jazz Fusion Ensemble focuses on the classic Jazz Fusion repertoire from the ’70s and beyond. Jazz Fusion is a musical style that combines Jazz with many other genres of music. Fusion draws from musical styles such as Funk, Rock, Indian, Classical, Blues, Country, Soul, RnB, World, and many other genres. Fusion combines all styles of music into a melting pot of musical expression with focus on improvisation from the ensemble members.

Ensemble Members:
Tim Brozowski – keys
Cole Covington – Guitar
Nic Fernandez – Trumpet
Dan Harris – Drums
Max Teffenteller – Bass


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