Jazz Camp -In person camp has been moved online for Summer 2020. See below to learn about our UNCA 2020 Summer Jazz Virtual Workshops



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Summer 2020: June 22-25 Online Classes

UNCA 2020 Summer Jazz Virtual Workshops

This UNC Asheville Department of Music online workshop series will present 4 classes, each with a unique focus on critical components in the Art of Improvisation in Music.

Each class meets for one (1) hour a day for four (4) days via online meeting.

The class times are staggered, allowing participants to enroll in any or all Classes. Enrollees will need high-speed internet, a computer, tablet, or a smartphone.

Cost: $40 per four-day class.

$150 for the week if students wish to take all four (4) classes.

Classes Offered:

#1 The Art of Understanding – Theory and Analysis

Monday through Thursday 10:00 -11:00 am

The results of theoretical knowledge are far-flung, fueling composition, analysis, practice exercise creation, arranging, etc. Dive into the theory of jazz, to decipher and understand how this musical language works.

Instructors: Mr. Justin Ray & Mr. Steve Alford

Mr. Ray teaches jazz at UNCA and is a soloist and arranger in the Michael Bublé Orchestra.

Mr. Alford teaches jazz at UNCA and is the Composer/Leader of Rational Discourse.

#2 The Art of Transcription – Developing the Language

Monday through Thursday – 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Learn specific techniques to transcribe music to develop improvisational language.

Instructor: Mr. Mark Small – Jazz master Clark Terry said, “Imitation, Assimilation, Innovation…” Languages are learned by imitating fluent speakers. (You learned to speak by transcribing your parents!)

Mr. Small teaches jazz and saxophone at the New World School for the Arts and the University of Miami

#3 The Art of Listening – Examining the Evolution and History of Jazz

Monday through Thursday – 2:00 – 3:00 pm

History of jazz, by instrument, from inception to modern music. Students explore video and audio examples of the giants of jazz, discuss historical context, and learn how to listen deeply to the music: the most essential step to deciphering the art of jazz.

Instructor: Mr. Jacob Rodriguez – Mr. Rodriguez teaches jazz at UNCA and is a member of the Michael Bublé Orchestra.

#4 The Art of Personality – Developing Your Sound

Monday thru Thursday – 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Explore simple techniques used by one of today’s top improvisers. Combine elements to produce a unique sound and approach to develop your own personality. These techniques never grow old, and master improvisers still utilize these exercises in their daily practice.

Instructor: Mr. Mike Baggetta – Mr. Baggetta “is a genre-blurring guitar hero…at the forefront of an army of guitar innovators” -Jazz Times