Welcome to the Music Department


Music at UNC Asheville

When UNC Asheville music majors enter the lower level of Lipinsky Hall, they are stepping into a place where the classical coexists with the contemporary. They are following in the footsteps of alumni who have landed dream jobs in the music industry. And they are studying in cutting-edge classrooms at the only university where music pioneer Bob Moog ever taught. Moog is best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

In a rehearsal space down one hallway, the University Singers and Jazz Ensembles rehearse for an upcoming performance in the 575-seat Lipinsky Auditorium. In the recording studio, two students learn their way around a $100,000 recording and mixing console. Meanwhile, in the electronic keyboard lab, music majors and minors concentrate over work stations equipped with MIDI keyboards and Macintosh computers.

It's all part of a normal day for the 80 students pursuing degrees in UNC Asheville's Music Department, where those carrying guitar cases and those carrying computers both get a top-notch education.